Jeff and Karen spent much of their childhoods on their grandparents' farms and the desire to get back to a simpler time is what led them to start farming in 2009. Jeffrey and Karen's home farm is the same land that Jeffrey's grandfather farmed in the past. With a desire for healthier fruits and vegetables they are transitioning a portion of their farm into organic production.

Jeffrey with a Masters Degree in Plant Pathology focuses on crop rotation, pest and disease management, planting beneficial insect and pollinator habitats, and the wholesale aspect of the farm. Currently Karefree Produce fruits and vegetables can be found in many of the local restaurants, Sandhills Farm to Table Co-op, Lowes Food in Pinehurst, and the local Fresh Market retailer in Southern Pines as well as 6 other Fresh Markets in the state. 

Karen spent most of her life in the food and beverage in Moore County and knows firsthand the need for fresh local produce. She manages the retail aspect of the farm and does all the baking at the market located in HWY 15-501 in Carthage. She offers southern comfort food learned in the kitchens of her childhood that can not be found elsewhere. To celebrate the ladies who taught her to bake she named some of the item's after them, for example, Aunt Wilma's Sweet Potato Pie, Memaw's Squash Casserole, and Nanny K's Apple Sauce.

Jeffrey and Karen also raise honeybees that aid in crop pollination and sell their honey in the market on the farm.